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Polyurethane Thermal Doors

The model 3216 is a polyurethane thermal door using a 26 gauge interior and exterior with a permanently bonded polyurethane core to give a high insulation value of 17.54. The 2" thick sections use tongue and groove meeting rails and concealed hinge attachment for superior strength and to prevent air infiltration. The glass is available in different thickness and easily replaced or substituted. Exhaust ports are optional, and there are different track options to accommodate virtually any head room requirements. The 3216 is available in white, almond, sandstone, and brown.


R-Value: 17.54

Thickness: 2"

Insulation Type: Polyurethane

Interior Material: 27 Gauge Steel

Exterior Material: 26 Gauge Steel

Total Layers: 3 Layer

Construction: Steel + Insulation + Steel

Available Colors: White, Almond, Sandstone or Brown

Polyurethane Thermal Doors

ASTM C518 tested R-Value: 17.54*

  • Foamed-in-place CFC free polyurethane core permanently bonds the 26 gauge face and 27 gauge back steel to form a rigid homogeneous section
  • 2” thick sections are thermally broken to eliminate convection
  • Tongue and groove meeting rails with joint gasketing provide superior joint strength and prevent air infiltration
  • Concealed hinge attachment plates run the full height of sections for superior strength
  • Rigid exterior end stiles are finish painted white
  • Glass is available in 7/16” insulated or 1/4” tempered glass
  • Glass is easily replaced or substituted by removing molded frames
  • Exhaust port is optional for bottom section
  • Track options include 2” or 3” bracket or clip angle mount and designed to accommodate virtually any headroom design requirements.
  • Heavy duty hardware may be specified with 11 or 14 gauge hinges and 10 ball rollers
  • Bottom U-shaped astragal is standard
  • Increased windload requirements may be specified
  • Available in finish coat colors of white, brown, sandstone and almond