Where to Find Replacement Parts for Your Garage Door

Are you in need of replacement parts for your garage door? Whether you’re facing a minor repair or a major overhaul, finding the right components is crucial to ensure the continued smooth operation of your garage door. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various sources for obtaining garage door replacement parts while focusing on the … Read more

Identifying the Garage Door Part in Need of Replacement

Question: How do I identify which part of my garage door needs replacement? The Short Of it: If you notice issues like squeaking or grinding noises, door imbalance, erratic movement, or a door that won’t open or close smoothly, a specific part likely needs replacement. Carefully inspecting and observing the door’s components can help pinpoint … Read more

Garage Door Sensor Woes: When to Replace and How

Understanding How Garage Sensors Work Garage door sensors play an important role in ensuring the safe and smooth operation of your garage door. However, like any electronic component, they aren’t immune to wear and tear.  We are PDQ Doors, a leading garage door company in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. With a strong … Read more

Unveiling Our New Website

Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence with PDQ Doors Since 1983, PDQ Doors has proudly served the Greater Cincinnati area, providing top-notch garage door solutions with a focus on Price, Dependability, and Quality. This year, we’re elated to celebrate our 40th anniversary, a testament to the trust and loyalty of our incredible customers. As part of … Read more

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