Commercial Garage Door Openers

Choosing the right commercial garage door opener is essential for your business for several reasons. First, it ensures smooth and efficient door operation, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. The right opener also enhances security with advanced features, while energy-efficient models contribute to cost savings. Finally, tailoring the opener to specific industry needs, such as heavy-duty capabilities or quiet operation, further optimizes functionality. By making the right choice, you can enjoy reliable, secure, and efficient garage door operation, providing peace of mind and enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Types of Commercial Garage Door Openers

PDQ Doors offers a range of commercial garage door openers to suit various industries and needs. We understand that different businesses have specific requirements, which is why we provide different types of models. Our selection includes both chain drive and jackshaft openers, each offering unique advantages. Whether you need a heavy-duty opener for a warehouse or a compact option for a retail space, we have the solution.

Chain drive

A chain drive commercial garage door opener is a robust and dependable option commonly used in various industries. It operates using a metal chain mechanism to lift and lower the garage door. Known for their strength and durability, chain drive openers are often preferred in industries with heavy-duty requirements, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and automotive repair facilities. These openers can reliably handle frequent door cycles and support the lifting of large, heavy doors, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.
LiftMaster ATS Advanced Trolley System commercial garage door opener

LiftMaster Advanced Trolley System

Model ATS is an advanced trolley system light-duty trolley operator. It features an automatic safety reverse and door stop, a maximum run timer, a heavy-duty "I-beam" configured trolley track, and an auto-reconnect trolley.

LiftMaster MT Medium Duty Trolley Operator commercial garage door opener

LiftMaster Medium Duty Trolley Operator

Model MT is a trolley operator for standard lift sectional doors and features Medium-Duty Logic technology. It features a high-starting torque motor, a compact design, quick-gliding rail spacers, and a quick-mount swivel header bracket.

Added Value
LiftMaster T Industrial Duty Trolley Operator commercial garage door opener

Industrial-Duty Trolley Operator​

Model T is an industrial-duty trolley operator for standard lift section doors. It features a low profile and industrial ball bearings on the output shaft.

Added Value
Reliability & Programming Simplicity
Available Plug-in Options for Logic 4.0 (L4)


A jackshaft commercial garage door opener is a versatile and space-saving option commonly utilized in a range of industries. Unlike traditional overhead openers, a jackshaft opener is mounted on the side of the garage door, directly driving the torsion shaft. This design allows for greater ceiling clearance and maximizes the available space in commercial settings. Industries such as parking garages, car dealerships, fire stations, and storage facilities often benefit from jackshaft openers. These openers offer efficient and reliable operation while allowing for better utilization of vertical space, making them an excellent choice for areas with limited overhead clearance.
LiftMaster J Industrial Duty Jackshaft Operator commercial garage door opener

Industrial-Duty Jackshaft Operator

Model J is an industrial-duty jackshaft operator. It features a removable hinged electrical box cover, a continuous-duty high-starting torque motor, industrial ball bearings on the output shaft, and a universal mount frame design.

Added Value

LiftMaster MJ Medium Duty Jackshaft Operator commercial garage door opener

Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator

Model MJ is a Medium Duty Logic jackshaft operator. It features a compact design, an adjustable friction clutch, a standard solenoid brake, and a high-starting torque motor.

Added Value

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